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A POL preview

9 May

At the end of our ten months at Public Allies we do a Presentation of Learning in front of our community members to display what we did for the ten months at our placement. I got the opportunity a few weeks ago to present mine from last year to the first year allies (I’m a 2nd year ally). It was great to be able to show more people what I had been up to at The Parent-Child Home Program and thought it would be useful for the Allies reading this blog and everyone else interested in communications for non-profit organizations, early childhood intervention, and Public Allies in general to see my presentation. So here is the entire thing as a PDF. It would be great to have your feedback and I hope it helps for your POL.


“And what have you learned from this experience?”

24 Feb

…Sounds like something a therapist might say to you while you’re lying on the couch looking at ink blots, right?  In this case, PACT (Public Allies Connecticut) staff asked Allies this question.  In response, Allies conducted our POLs (Presentations of Learning), during which we were given five minutes to describe what we have learned during the past five months.  The best part was that we were given license to be creative.  Here are my favorites!

Ducks in a Row: Andrew Christhie uses a community of ducks (under the guidance of a kind farmer) to illustrate PA values of collaboration, focus on assets, and diversity & inclusion.

SolarWhat? Julie Carson created a word cloud and encouraged audience members to ask questions about any of the words.  As a response, she told a story about a PACT experience related to the word.

Everything I Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten: Lizzy Star shared her notebook of sketches illustrating, among other PACT experiences, the Rule of Reluctance: The experiences you embrace the least, are often the ones that teach you the most. Check it out below!

Lizzy Star mini POL

Bonus/ Throwback: Matt Ashby, New Haven Ally from the 2010/ 2011 class wrote and performed this Debrief/ Closing circle (PA tradition) song for his mid- year POL.

Listen to it here

Also, click here to check out Derek Santiago’s POL Infomercial on fellow blogger Phil Drew’s posts!

Mid-Year presentations of learning

9 Feb

On Friday, January 27th, the Public Allies of Connecticut came together for our Mid-Year Presentations of Learning. Each of us was given five minutes to present to the rest of our Public Allies class and we each received some feedback from our Program Manager and peers. You may find it hard to believe that a full day of presentations were exciting and kept us all on the edge of our seats, but it’s true and here is why:

1)      When it comes to any sort of activity associated with a level of creativity (such as preparing a Presentation of Learning), I’ve noticed that the Public Allies Connecticut staff has masterminded a managerial method made for motivating and maximizing meaningful manifestations of minions’ (us Allies’) i-magination. I think they call it MMMMMMMMiM or 8MiM for short. As an example, on the second day of retreat way back in September, we were given a large sheet of poster paper and some markers, and asked to, “make a map of our life.” When I asked for more details I was given a well-meaning smirk and shrug. Now, as someone with a highly procedural and detail-oriented mind (see ISTJ profile), I initially found this level of vagueness a bit annoying. However, I’ve come to realize its positive impact on my personal growth and the creative process. I have since forgiven the Public Allies Connecticut staff. The guidelines for our Presentations of Learning were similarly vague, although a few potential topic questions were supplied.

2)      The structured lack of structure described above also relies on our individual commitment to a level of effort that produces quality work; which I think we all showed last Friday.

Allies were encouraged to focus on what we’ve learned so far (i.e. not just a month-by-month recap of what we’ve done). Personal and professional growth was highlighted and we still got to see some of the awesome work our 2012 class has already accomplished!

For your viewing pleasure, I present Derek Santiago’s Mid-Year Presentation of Learning (by the way, “PACT” is how we refer to Public Allies Connecticut):

Fun times were had by all.

Philip Drew – Hartford, CT