Celebrating Unsung Heroes and Sheroes

5 Feb

Celebrating Unsung Heroes and Sheroes

Public Allies Silicon Valley San Francisco had the opportunity to attend the Fred Korematsu Day Celebration, organized by the Asian Law Caucus and The Korematsu Institute. The event honored unsung heroes and sheroes in the Asian Pacific Islander community.

January 30th is Fred Korematsu Day, a day in celebration and honor of Civil Rights hero Fred Korematsu. Korematsu was one of many Japanese Americans who resisted internment during WWII. He believed that the mass incarceration of Japanese Americans was wrong and a serious violation of civil rights. He brought his case to the U.S. Supreme Court and in 1983 the court overturned his conviction for evading internment. We celebrate Fred Korematsu for his life long dedication to civil rights and social justice. His legacy continues today with The Korematsu Institute, founded by his daughter, Karen. The Institute tells Korematsu’s story in K-12 classrooms across the country.

Korematsu’s story resonates with me because he didn’t resist internment with the intention of someday being called a hero. He was an everyday man who stood up for what he believed was right. As Public Allies, I think we’re all (s)heroes in our own ways and that everyone and anyone can lead.


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