Lessons from Frank Oscar Larson

22 May

You may be thinking, “What the heck are a bunch of museum educators doing dressing up in 50s garb? Don’t they have classes to teach?”. But apart from being incredibly fun, we are taking the time out to mimic our favorite photos from the current exhibit Frank Oscar Larson: 1950s New York Street Stories to understand the subjects of the photos that line the museum walls. By the way, that’s me on the left.

The amazing images found at the link are from a Queens man who was a banker by day and photographer by night. His photographs were left unnoticed until after his death when his grandson Soren Larson decided to approach the Queens Museum of Art with an exhibition idea. I think you can see from the quality of images that the curators wouldn’t have been able to say no.

Frank Oscar Larson took the little free time he had to pursue his real passion of photography and I really took that to heart when I saw these photos. I think it’s incredible that he was able to keep the energy up on the weekends to hone his craft and I was inspired to continue working on my own artwork even with a mountain of work to do from Monday through Friday. Most advice I give to first-year Allies has to do with not stressing out and keeping their own selves in mind ,sometimes in a job where they are usually thinking of others, and I couldn’t have found a better illustration than Frank Oscar Larson. And I find it lucky to be in a space where his work just happened to be hanging right outside of my office door.


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