Everyone really can lead…

24 Apr

I always thought that I truly understood the Public Ally motto “Everyone Leads”. But it wasn’t until I was asked to really step up that I realized I believed it for everyone else but myself.

This whole realization came about when my co-worker Michelle was telling me about a teen by the name of Autumn whom she was working with. This teen had recently been removed from her mother and had entered foster care. As Michelle was telling me about Autumn and how intelligent and kind she was, she suddenly said, “You both would get along great and she could really use a good influence in her life, you should mentor her!!”. Michelle said it with such confidence and then looked at me with a beaming smile eagerly awaiting my response, which I know she wanted to be a yes. So there I was, a 22 year old standing there with an opportunity to change someones life and all I could think of was the fact that I’m completely terrified of leading anyone. I stood there frozen. But don’t worry I did end up saying yes, even though I was incredibly nervous that this teen might doubt my ability to be her mentor. I knew that if my Ally placement, my coworkers and the rest of my support system saw something in me, then it was time for me to step it up and lead.  It was time for me to believe that what I brought to the table could be used to help the community.

That next week I met Autumn and her foster parents at our office. I wanted this young woman to understand how I would become part of her life and that I wanted to build a trusting relationship with her. I told her how I could help her with her SAT preparation, her resume and her college essays. She immediately said “Cool, when are you coming over? I’m free next week”. I was so excited that Autumn was going to allow me into her life and listen to my advice and essentially allow me to lead her. That next week I went to her foster home and we began our mentor/mentee relationship. That was three months ago and it has been going fantastically. Together, we’ve revamped her resume and she’s gotten a few job interviews, I’ve gotten her interested in summer camp and even thinking about taking an SAT prep course.

So, if you’re ever doubting your ability to lead because you’re scared of failure, just realize you are probably the only one who sees it that way. If you want the best for others and for yourself, you have the potential to be a leader and change lives. It’s just up to you to say yes…



3 Responses to “Everyone really can lead…”

  1. aleciadistin April 25, 2012 at 10:44 am #

    Anna you are definately a great leader!

  2. Anna D. April 25, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Thanks Alecia, it means a lot to have you say that. I think you are a fantastic leader as well!

  3. imdelgado April 26, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    Welcome to the bloggers team, Anna! Glad to have you!

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