Pittsburgh’s Team Service Projects

9 Apr

Happy April! Just to give you an update on what has been going on in the South Side of Pittsburgh…

Healthy Futures! (My Team)

Team Healthy Futures in Pittsburgh is partnering with South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association (SSSNA), a volunteer run organization that “maintains, fosters and improves the quality of life, safety and unity of the Slopes neighborhood” To all you outsiders, “Slopes” is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh’s “South Side full of hills, historical houses with panoramic views, and… steps (A necessity to get from A to B for the pedestrians/visitors).

SSSNA has made a partnership with Grow Pittsburgh and the City to replace an abandoned, littered baseball field with a community garden! Residents can rent out a plot to grow organic, fresh produces. A great asset, since most homes in the Slopes do not have adequate space for gardening.

My team is beginning to build a partnership with Voices Against Violence, a program that has a mission “to provide effective intervention and prevention activities in a proactive way that strategically reduce interpersonal conflict among youth and individuals to address issues that impact negatively on under served communities through innovative grass roots approaches that engage youth and community residents. ”

Our Objectives:

  • to create a sustainable summer gardening program for Voices Against Violence.
  • empower teens by teaching organic gardening, healthy food choices, and food security values

Our Outcomes:

  • enable behavioral change related to eating habits and food choices
  • assist in fostering strong work ethics and build skill sets
  • inspire lifelong community stewardship


Photo By Lake Fong: Read article here!

healthy futures

Veterans and Military Families!

Another team service project, Veterans and Military Families, will be organizing and hosting a BBQ for veterans and their families in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

This is not just any BBQ! They have been building partnerships with nonprofits and organizations to showcase the services available to veterans and their families that they otherwise may not know are out there. It will also be a great networking event, enabling veterans and families to connect with each other while the community shows appreciation for their past service and sacrifices.

Economic Opportunities!

The Economic Opportunities Team will be partnering with Hot Metal Faith Community Church to host “Souper Saturdays.” The Hot Metal Faith Community Church has a service called “The Table” …a “community kitchen with a heart to serve the South Side community.”

Economic Opportunities are building a program around that service, by providing monthly events where community members can come get a meal and receive services that will assist them in reaching economic opportunities. At these “Souper Saturdays” their will be free haircuts, resume & computer assistance, free hygiene products & clothing (professional wear) and organizations that explain how to apply for food stamps and other government assistance.


Holding up their “Souper Saturday” Sign

As you can tell, we are quite busy over here! What are some other Team Projects across the nation? 🙂 (Thats if you have not shared already)


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