Beloved Bridgeport

4 Apr

Hey folks!

I wanted to take some time to fill you all in on the progress of our TSP (Team Service Project).  We’ve decided to call it Beloved Bridgeport, a play on Martin Luther King’s Beloved Community Theory which calls for engagement in the community by all residents and stakeholders.  Beloved Bridgeport has three subsets:

EYEM (Every You Every Me): We are putting on a series of anti- violence workshops in local middle schools.  We’re tackling dating/ intimate partner violence, gang violence, bullying, and suicide.  Below Ben performs a monologue describing a young boy who is teased for having wear athletic goggles during sports classes.

Bridgeport Beautifies: A continuation of the previous class’ project.  We are doing maintenance work on local community gardens as well as trash container decorating and distribution for local high schools.

Community Connect: A resource fair intended to connect residents to local resources, to be held in early June.  Below, Bridgeport Program Manager RJ Mercede poses with a poster we made.

We’re really excited about having this opportunity to make a positive impact on our community!  What ideas do you have for a mini TSP (or Individual Service Project) of your own?


2 Responses to “Beloved Bridgeport”

  1. mike Doyle April 19, 2012 at 10:56 pm #

    rebuild restore the palace and majestic theaters

    • imdelgado April 24, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

      Great idea, Mike! How can we make it happen?

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