A peak into my Outlook-scheduled day!

28 Mar

I am a huge fan of making to-do lists, synchronizing them with my Outlook calendar, and thus getting a ton of stuff done.  You want to know what an Ally does all day?  Here’s a peak into my very organized life (ha! Yeah right…I can pretend at least):

MCW calendar

Seeing all those little boxes on my calendar oddly makes me feel accomplished and satisfied!

8:00am  Check work email from home.  I often do this in case there are last-minute meeting cancellations or updates before I go in to the office.  Our offices are located downtown Minneapolis so it can be a hassle to get there.

8:30am – Drive to work.  I usually walk when it’s nice out, but today is threatening spotty showers and wind gusts that might just start my day off on the wrong foot.  Instead, I get to battle parking downtown!

9:00am – Settle  in with my morning cup of coffee, write to-do list, answer emails, and update my Outlook calendar (where would I be without my outlook calendar?!)

9:30am – Marketing Round-up: Update and re-format new website & edit newsletter.

12:15pm – Lunch time.  One of my resolutions this year has been to cook more and eat healthier!  My roommate and I stumbled upon a delicious brussels sprout salad.  I know what you’re thinking… I didn’t think it sounded good either, but it’s my new favorite food!  Incredibly easy to make, too.


Brussels Sprout Salad - mmmm!

1:00pm – Drive to meeting two of the week: The CEO’s/Executive Directors of our member organizations meet to discuss potential innovative collaborations they can form to improve their individual programs.  I take thorough notes at all meeting.  Luckily I type really fast!

3:00pm – Work from home: Start brainstorming and putting together plan for a spring “speed dating” event for our member nonprofits.  No, this isn’t an opportunity for all those singles out there to find a love connection.  Rather, it’s an opportunity for staff at our member nonprofits to get to know more of their colleagues and find potential strategic connections in their line of work.  Hopefully this breeds some new, fresh ideas!

4:30pm – More emails to respond to/send out!  (Let’s be honest, though.  My email is constantly open on my computer.)

5:00pm – Done!  Close my laptop up, charge it for tomorrow, and turn on some Friday Night Lights!


One Response to “A peak into my Outlook-scheduled day!”

  1. pemadb April 10, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    Wow – great look into your day Liz, I like your format. And hello that salad looks amazing!

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