Cupcake wars!

13 Mar


This past week I was honored to help out my fellow Pittsburgh Ally, Emily, at The Sarah Heinz House. The Sarah Heinz House, Emily’s placement organization, is a nonprofit/Boys & Girls Club, that provides children and teens with powerful role models and a safe, fun place to go after school, on weekends and during the summer. Emily is one of those role models, and it was truly touching watching her interact with the kids. They LOVED her, and you could see her mentoring skills shine. It was great to see first hand the impact she is having with the youth.

I was honored help her run the event, “Cupcake Wars” ….help out as in eating and judging nine cupcakes all made by youth! It was an incredibly sweet experience. 😉 I felt pretty sick after the contest… although it was totally worth the sugar high!


Raffling Prizes:




Full of hugs, smiles, and a whole lot of energy, I wish that every neighborhood had their own Sarah Heinz House.


My Dinner:



One Response to “Cupcake wars!”

  1. Liz Backstrom March 14, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    Obviously a very nutritious dinner 😉

    Loved this idea. When I get to work with youth again, I’m going to have to try something similar! Great post, Erin.

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