A day in the life part 1

8 Mar

All the Public Allies sites are unique, so I’m going to try and show you the daily life of a fellow at Eagle Rock School. Give you a little taste of life in our shoes.To sum up our experience in a few words is impossible, but I’ll try it in two posts. Just like all the Public Allies Fellows across the country, we live and breathe service every day at our sites. Fellows at Eagle Rock help have two main jobs: teach and form relationships with students. We don’t only focus on academics, we also emphasize personal growth and community engagement.


Monday through Friday, all staff and students attend gathering at 8:30AM. At gathering, students and staff have ten minutes to discuss a topic of their choice, whether it be personal growth, philosophies of happiness, or major learnings. Robert, the Head of School, also provides a question of the week for students and staff to reflect upon. Then we move on to announcements and music. Students and staff can sign up for a five minute music gathering. Another fellow named Zach and I have covered “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, and the English Fellow Holly and a student named Nija’ah covered “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees. This is probably one of my favorite things about Eagle Rock. Who wouldn’t want to start of their day with live music?

Students then attend classes from 9:05AM-11:35AM and then from 2:30PM-4:30PM.

morning gathering at Eagle Rock School


Fellows at Eagle Rock teach a variety of classes. At the beginning of the fellowship, each fellow worked specifically with an Instructional Specialist (IS) in their subject area. I am the service-learning fellow, thus I work with service-learning instructor and teach classes related to service and civic engagement. Now, we also have the freedom to collaborate with teachers in other fields. I am co-teaching a class called “Leadership for Justice” and will soon be co-teaching “Genocide and Human Rights.” Brandon, the science fellow, is co-teaching a class called “You Are What You Eat,” in which students learn about making healthy life choices through learning about what’s in the food that they eat and how it impacts their body. Lan, the Societies and Cultures Fellow, taught “Sociology of Violence,” where students explored how societal institutions shape our behavior and thinking.

Societies and Cultures Fellow Lan Dinh teaching "Sociology of Violence"

Every Tuesday, we also have Fellows Learning Seminar (FLS). This is our weekly check-in with our Public Allies Supervisor Mark about how we are doing. Every week we also do something different, whether it is related to teaching strategies, having courageous conversations, or working together as a team. It is one of the few times of the week we are all together, and can reflect on our experience.

Eagle Rock Fellows during FLS

I mentioned that on Mondays we are given a question of the week. To get a little bit of the Eagle Rock experience, reflect on our current question of the week: What is your fierce urgency of now?


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