“And what have you learned from this experience?”

24 Feb

…Sounds like something a therapist might say to you while you’re lying on the couch looking at ink blots, right?  In this case, PACT (Public Allies Connecticut) staff asked Allies this question.  In response, Allies conducted our POLs (Presentations of Learning), during which we were given five minutes to describe what we have learned during the past five months.  The best part was that we were given license to be creative.  Here are my favorites!

Ducks in a Row: Andrew Christhie uses a community of ducks (under the guidance of a kind farmer) to illustrate PA values of collaboration, focus on assets, and diversity & inclusion.

SolarWhat? Julie Carson created a word cloud and encouraged audience members to ask questions about any of the words.  As a response, she told a story about a PACT experience related to the word.

Everything I Didn’t Learn in Kindergarten: Lizzy Star shared her notebook of sketches illustrating, among other PACT experiences, the Rule of Reluctance: The experiences you embrace the least, are often the ones that teach you the most. Check it out below!

Lizzy Star mini POL

Bonus/ Throwback: Matt Ashby, New Haven Ally from the 2010/ 2011 class wrote and performed this Debrief/ Closing circle (PA tradition) song for his mid- year POL.

Listen to it here

Also, click here to check out Derek Santiago’s POL Infomercial on fellow blogger Phil Drew’s posts!


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