Ed Tech, TechTalk 2012, and digital learning

23 Feb

“Work it harder, make it better,
Do it faster, makes us stronger.”
~“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk

Technology is an integral part of today’s 21st century learner. My department, Virtual Learning, is part of the Educational Technology Group at Chicago Public Schools. The Educational Technology Group focuses on student well being by providing schools with tools that can create a successful environment for all. Below are two events which help promote 21st Century learning.

TechTalk 2012

On Friday, January 27th, 2012, the Educational Technology group put on their annual TechTalk conference. The conference featured 80+ sessions and 1000 participants. The focus was to showcase innovative technology, connect participants with vendors, and introduce new resources for schools.

Session topics varied widely from social media to iPads in schools to city of Chicago initiatives to web 2.0 materials. My supervisor and I also co-presented on Online Courses. You can view the conversation from the conference on Twitter by searching #cpstt. Also, here are two videos from the TechTalk Conference:

Alan November at CPS TechTalk ’12 from CPS Educational Technology Director John Connolly on Vimeo.

TechTalk Lunch Keynote – Jennie Magiera from CPS Educational Technology Director John Connolly on Vimeo.

Digital Learning Day/Month

February 1st, 2012 was the first ever National Digital Learning Day. Over 33 states, 1 million students, and 18,000 teachers participated in the celebration. The day had three main themes: showcase success, start a conversation, and try one new thing. The CPS Ed Tech Group decided to have February be Digital Learning Month. So far, three big events have occurred. First, many within CPS have submitted videos of their “What technology means to me””Your 3 Words”. Catch my supervisor and I 2:46 seconds in.

CPS Digital Learning Day – Your 3 Words from CPS Tech on Vimeo.

Second, CEO Jean Claude Brizard celebrated Digital Learning Day by teaching 400 students about astronomy using an iPad app. Finally, CJ Watson of the Chicago Bulls recorded a video about online safety for CPS students. Here is that video:

CJ Watson Message to CPS Students from CPS Educational Technology Director John Connolly on Vimeo.


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