To break another day

17 Feb

Upon our return from the trimester break* at Eagle Rock, the Public Allies fellow participated in fellows day away. Eagle Rock is an interesting beast. We fellows live on campus with the students(Yea, we live where we work). This has its benefits and its challenges. Sometimes days off don’t really feel like days off. So, Mark Palmer, our awesome Public Allies Director, took us off the Eagle Rock campus to get us mentally ready for the start of a new trimester.

The focus of our fellows day away was to work on goals for this trimester and to work on our Team Service Project (TSP). The  highlight of the day was practicing our karate moves.  Each fellow was given a piece of wood, and on one side we wrote our goals, and on the other side we wrote what would keep up from reaching our goals. Some of my goals included:better organization, patience, and using new teaching strategies. My obstacles included: fear, frustration, and fatigue. Once we had written our goals, Mark taught us the correct body position and technique to smash the boards. Needless to say, it was pretty awesome.

Public Allies Fellows at Eagle Rock school after breaking their boards

For most of the fellows, the process was therapeutic. It felt good to put all our frustration and fears into breaking the board. And when I get stuck, I try to remember that feeling of when finally (after many attempts) broke through my obstacles.

Watch us smash some boards in the hilarious video below of our fellows day away, created by Public Allies Director at Eagle Rock Mark Palmer.

* Eagle Rock School operates on a thirteen week trimester. Upon the end of the trimester students and staff take a three-four week break.


One Response to “To break another day”

  1. Liz Backstrom February 22, 2012 at 11:05 am #

    What a great video! I like that little activity. I’ve done a similar exercise with just writing on paper. I think I’ll have to go find a board next time…

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