Stuff People Say About “The MLK Streets Project”

8 Feb

Earlier this week I wrote a short entry about a documentary screening hosted by Public Allies DC on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Since then, I noticed that the filmmakers had uploaded a great video to YouTube showing community reactions to the film and discussion.  It’s a good way to learn a little bit more about the film, and also to see some of the beautiful face of my fellow DC Allies!

Stuff People Say About MLK Street Projects

For me the film was especially powerful because of the project’s direct engagement with youth.  I often forget how incredibly young Dr. King was — he was only 26 when he led the Montgomery Bus Boycott.  I think that even if the streets that bear his name do not reflect his incredibly legacy, the students who explored those streets and asked those difficult questions are an astounding example of his vision.  Having a day “on” instead of a day off in honor of Martin Luther King afforded me the opportunity to think more critically about that vision.  It is more than the “I Have a Dream Speech” and more than an end to oppressive Jim Crow laws.  For me, Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy is about striving towards a world that is better for all of the people in it and I wish that we could reflect on that and have conversations about that on more than one day each year.  One day just isn’t enough.


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