A piece of MLK’s vision in Baltimore

6 Feb

MD Public Allies spent its MLK “day on” at the St. Frances Academy Job training event and job fair, working toward Dr. King’s true cause: not only to bridge lines of racial separation and injustice but those of economic disparity and injustice across all racial, ethnic and class lines.

A quick reflection on my experience with one woman’s story that morning:

I approached a woman in the resume seminar to see how I could help. It quickly became clear that the woman had her email address and resume already in order; she was technologically savvy and prepared. We moved from the computers to a private desk where I was able to give detailed feedback on the organization of her resume. The young woman, a few years older than me, had moved up the lines of customer service work for Verizon Wireless over the last 12 years but was laid off when 3 departments were combined and the most experienced staff earning the most money were cut. She chose to find a new job rather than return to a phone line rep- her starting position 12 years prior.

Her story brings to light the ways in which the current state of the economy and job creation-and the systems that support  them are not only hurting those who were already impoverished, but also those who had begun their move up the ladder and were suddenly thrown down harshly.

May we all remember this, continue our work to rectify, and to especially remember that those without work are not without skills, nor undeserving of high levels of dignity and respect.


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