Servant leadership

2 Feb

The Eagle Rock School philosophy can be summarized by what we called 8 + 5 =10.  It goes something like this:

Eight Themes              Plus                    Five Expectations

Individual Integrity                                      Developing an expanding knowledge base
Intellectual Discipline                                 Communicating effectively
Physical Fitness                                         Creating and making healthy life choices
Spiritual Development                               Participating as an engaged global citizen
Aesthetic Expression                                 Providing leadership for justice
Service to Others
Cross-cultural Understanding
Democratic Governance
Environmental Stewardship

Equals Ten Commitments

Live in respectful harmony with others
Develop mind, body, and spirit
Learn to communicate in speech and writing
Serve the Eagle Rock and other communities
Become a steward of the planet
Make healthy personal choices
Find, nurture and develop the artist within
Increase capacity to exercise leadership for justice
Practice citizenship and democratic living
Devise an enduring moral and ethical code

New students are quizzed on 8+5=10 when they come to Eagle Rock. All classes at Eagle Rock Rock are also categorized under the 5 expectations. Within the mission of Eagle Rock is to develop leaders who will use their education to change the world. Two days of the first week of the trimester are devoted to Eagle Serve. During these two days students and staff commit to projects either on campus or out in the community. Last September, students went to Rock Mountain National Park and cleared rocks and pebbles from trails to preserve the habitat of the Tundra.

Eagle Rock students performing service at Rocky Mountain National Park on 9/22/11. Photo taken by Public Allies fellow Tyler Bevington.

This trimester we focused on service on campus. Students cleaned buildings on campus, participated in peer mentor trainings, cleared trails on campus, and the Eagle Rock chapter of Peace Jam planned events for the trimester.  Through these activities on campus, students engage in various facets of the 8+5=10 philosophy. Through service at Eagle Rock we work to develop leaders who see leadership as a collaborative effort. Service is also not just limited to those two days of the trimester. Eagle Rock offers many service-learning courses, where students have opportunities not only to perform service, but also reflect on the larger importance of service in society. I think this is an aim that the Public Allies programs has as well – to develop leaders who see service as a way of life.  So as you read stories of service on Martin Luther King Day, it is important to also remember that he lived service everyday, and we can as well.


2 Responses to “Servant leadership”

  1. Liz Backstrom February 2, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    What a great philosophy! I especially like the 8+5=10 math quasi-equation.

    Great way of tying in service-learning to Public Allies. Even though I have this same mode of thinking, I’ve never really put 2 and 2 together! Great post!

  2. Dara June 1, 2012 at 10:26 am #

    I love this holistic approach to education and developing the character of young people in addition to giving them the more traditional educational skills. Thanks for giving insight into the awesome Eagle Rock School!

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