Serve every day

1 Feb

Last year as an AmeriCorps member, I learned this phrase: “Make MLK Day a day ON, not a day off.”

This year brought an even better one: “Serve every day, not just on MLK Day.”  It’s easy to volunteer when a whole day is dedicated to just that purpose.  There’s an incredible sense of community that happens on these days.  However, speakers at the Saint Paul Central High School/Concordia University MLK Day Rally challenged us all to remember that service should be a continuous thing.  Even though I’m a Public Ally, where service is at the core of what we do, I know I can serve more, do more, and help others get excited about serving every day.


Above: Sonya, Tatyana, and Kristian before the MLK Presentation!


1/5 of the Public Allies Twin Cities group join in the peace march to Concordia University


At the Boys & Girls Club, we had the chance to connet with youth over checkers, foosball, pool, Guitar Hero, and Just Dance.  Above, Richard and Holly teach a few kids how to play checkers.  Below, foosball starts to get intense!


After some play time, we got to join in the Boys & Girls Club Annual MLK Day “Honk for Peace” challenge!  The kids made signs and counted up how many honks they could get in the name of peace.  This year they got 111!



How will you remember to serve every day?


One Response to “Serve every day”

  1. Philip Drew February 6, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    Continuing service is something I’m trying to work on since the core part of my job is planning two large service days. What about the 3 months inbetween!? We distributed a version of the 40 Days of Peace ( at our MLK Day events. Each of the 40 days starting MLK Day has a daily message and daily action (some of which are service related).

    Great pictures!

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