Top 5 things I love about being a Public Ally

13 Jan

This is one in a series of Ally Snapshot blog posts on the theme, “Why Public Allies?” If you are thinking of service work, please read on. If you know someone who might be interested, please share!

I love making lists. It’s without a doubt my number one tool for getting things done during the day. So here’s a list of the top five things I love about being a Public Ally!

5) I’m introduced to so many great leaders at community organizations throughout the Twin Cities. Because of our weekly Friday trainings, I have met an incredible number of outstanding, knowledgable, and passionate people.

4) I get to be creative! I’m placed at the MACC Alliance of Connected Communities, a partnership of many Twin Cities community-based human service organizations that leverage their collective voices and resources to better serve their communities.

One of the things that I’m most proud of is creating the MACC Alliance Messeger, a bi-monthly newsletter for members to keep up with all of the programs that are going on at MACC. I’m not necessarily good at bragging or promoting my work, so I’ll start here and share with it with you all! Click here to read the full newsletter.


3) The Twin Cities Public Allies group has mad potluck skills. I’ve been at some bad potlucks (i.e. chips upon chips upon MORE chips), and some good potlucks. These Allies definitely bring their A-Game!

2) I feel like a clique. This doesn’t sound positive, but in my case it is! I feel like I’m “making a difference” for my community. Not only because I’m working at a cool nonprofit that helps its members serve their own community better with the resources they have, but because I’m learning more about my community, expanding my viewpoint, and challenging what I think I know.

1) I get to meet a big group of people that I most likely wouldn’t have had the chance to meet in any other setting. Because we meet every Friday and have some pretty insightful, in-depth conversations, we get to know each other pretty well. We’re all very different, but that’s what Public Allies is all about: learning from different people and outlooks.



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