Top 10 reasons to become a Public Ally (Part 1 of 2)

12 Jan

The next three posts you’ll see here on the Ally Snapshot blog will be on the theme, “Why Public Allies?” If you are thinking of service work or know someone who is, be sure to tune in!

Hey everyone, some of you might be gearing up to take the next steps, or you might know someone who is.  Consider applying for Public Allies!  Reasons 10 through 6  of my Top Ten Reasons to Become a Public Ally are outlined below, with reasons 5 through 1 to come in the next post.  In the meantime, you can check out the Public Allies website for more info.

10. Exposure to Things You Might Not Try Otherwise: I’ve never been inclined toward the world of science fiction or comic heroes but I must admit I was intrigued when fellow Allies Derek Santiago and Nydia Roman talked about plans to attend NYC’s renowned Comic Convention. On a whim, I decided to tag along, so on a clear October Saturday, Nydia, Derek, Derek’s brother Andre, and I boarded a train to the city.  The costumes were my favorite part; I even got in the spirit by wearing a Superman T-shirt!

9. The Occasional Free Lunch: Sometimes it’s pizza, or sometimes it’s a gourmet fish-and-veggies dish at the Ramada Hotel that’s hosting Public Allies and other AmeriCorps groups for the annual AmeriCorps Launch.  Either way, you can’t go wrong with a free lunch, wahoo!

8. An Excuse to Build Your Bus Cas Wardrobe:  Whether you’re one of those you’ll-have-to-drag-me-kicking-and-screaming-to-the-mall-ers or you often engage in “retail therapy” (so that’s what the kids are calling it these days), shopping for some business casual attire for your days at placement is a good investment in your future as a professional.

7. Sweet P.A. Gear: Check out our spiffy t shirts. Tight fittin’ and good lookin’. The 2.0s- second year Allies- also have P.A. messenger bags, P.A. water bottles, and P.A. sweatshirts (which First Year Allies are rumored to receive upon graduation in June — crossing my fingers!).

6. Resume Building, Professional Networking, & Recognition: Having Public Allies listed as a service program on my resume is a great boost and puts me one step ahead of those who have not had such experiences.  Furthermore, I’ve met a slew of nonprofit professionals — many of whom are dedicated to the development of Allies as up-and-coming community leaders. Not to mention the name recognition: I was recently at a function with Mayor Bill Finch (of Bridgeport, CT) and loved watching his face light up as soon as I mentioned I’m a Public Ally. Not too shabby for a recent re-transplant (from Hartford back to Bridgeport)!

Stay tuned for reasons 5 through 1!


2 Responses to “Top 10 reasons to become a Public Ally (Part 1 of 2)”

  1. Liz Backstrom January 12, 2012 at 2:01 pm #

    What a good lookin’ group of Public Allies! p.s. the Twin Cities chapter already got their sweatshirts…

    • imdelgado January 17, 2012 at 7:52 am #


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