I love metaphors

21 Dec

If there’s anything that I appreciate, it’s a corny metaphor.  Here’s another one for you all!

This month, I embarked on a great adventure: baking homemade bread.  Now, I have always been terrified of trying to bake my own break.  After hearing countless horror stories from loved ones about how difficult it is, I’ve always avoided it to prevent the inevitable failure.

The first time I made it, I just wanted to try it, get it over with, and hope for the best.  I rushed through the process and didn’t fully read the recipe. I noticed that the dough wasn’t rising at all when the recipe said it should double in size. I thought it would be okay anyway so I put it in the oven. What came out? Something akin to a bread brick.  It was so hard and dense that I couldn’t chew through it. Ugh. Failure.


Oddly enough, if there’s one thing I hate more than failure, it’s giving up. So I decided to try again, taking time to ask questions for master bread bakers I knew, reading the recipe carefully, and putting my whole attention into the process.  This was the result:


Beautiful! It took a lot of time, but the end result was incredibly delicious, warm and light. I blew my mind away — I didn’t think I was able to bake bread! That’s how I see my year as an Ally: a lot of new experiences, some things that I never thought I could do, and a whole lot of experimenting. It’s not always easy, but with help from others, and never giving up, I always shock myself at how much I can do

What are some things that you thought you could never do, but did? How’d it turn out?


One Response to “I love metaphors”

  1. Public Allies December 21, 2011 at 6:16 pm #

    Well I for one LOVE corny metaphors. Keep ’em coming!

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